Partnership With OnyxRail

Hasler RailWare & Onyxrail Install Latest Generation Of Energy Metering On SWT Class 456 Vehicle

Hasler RailWare and Onyxrail of Birmingham UK have successfully installed the first of the next generation energy metering systems branded as EcoS onto a South West Trains Class 456 vehicle.

The unit was fitted on the 14th January at the South West Trains Wimbledon depot London to demonstrate the in service performance and functionality of the EcoS device. The new device measures traction energy consumption for billing purposes in addition to enhanced real time vehicle diagnostics as stipulated by the forthcoming EN50463/17 standard. This functionality allows users to identify and correlate operating environment issues that may impact performance of train- board systems in real time.

The EcoS System has been designed to keep installation costs and time to a minimum for ease of upgrading current installations and the fitment of new devices. EcoS is WiFi and Ethernet enabled and embeds the latest generation of soft PLC which incorporates its own internal data handling software and is easily configured to third party servers where required. The system is further expandable by being able to integrate with several vehicle systems such as Driver Advisory, Passenger Counting, lighting, HVAC, etc.

The EcoS system offers a fully integrated solution to operate in 25Kv and 750vdc applications with is Octo Range of AC and DC transducers, which can be either internally, or roof mounted. EcoS has been developed to comply with all relevant UK specific and European standards ie EN50463/17 and GMRT 2162.

This initial project between the two companies is part of a joint agreement between Onyx Rail UK and RailWare, whereby RailWare as the technology partner will supply all hardware, systems and technical support and Onyxrail as the UK based partner will offer a full turnkey service comprising systems integration and aftersales support.